Understanding Homeowners Insurance  

Your Homeowners insurance policy is very important to you whether you own or rent your home. It offers a combination of property and liability coverage's in one convenient package to serve a variety of needs.

Our Homeowners policy is extremely flexible. Along with the basic coverage's that come  in all of our homeowners policies, you can purchase special optional coverage's to form the homeowners package that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Your independent insurance agent will work with you to determine the standard and optional coverage's you need, combined in a single comprehensive package.

Your Homeowners policy with Collins and Miller Insurance is designed to be convenient,  affordable and flexible.

 Standard coverage's

Perhaps your top priority is to have your home and personal property protected from damage. A loss could be caused by anything from fire and lightning, windstorm, smoke, freezing and theft, to glass breakage, explosion and the weight of ice, snow or sleet. The basic part of your homeowners insurance package covers the physical structure of your   home and your personal property from damage from these and other perils.

For those losses caused by the negligence of you or others in your household which result in injury to another person or damage to his or her property, your homeowners package  provides liability coverage's. With these coverage's, you and other household members are protected in the event that you are found legally responsible for such injuries or damages.

 Optional coverage's*

Your basic policy can be enhanced by adding any of a wide array of optional coverage's. Among these coverage's are:

Home Replacement Cost Guarantee You will be reimbursed for the full current cost* of  repairing or rebuilding your home as it was prior to the loss, regardless of your policy limit, provided you have insured your home to 1 00% of its replacement cost 

Replacement Cost Coverage for Personal Property If any of your household furnishings,  appliances, clothing or other personal property are damaged due to a covered loss, you    will receive the full current cost to repair or replace them up  to your coverage limits for  those items.

Scheduled Personal Property

You can insure unique or high-valued items separately from your general policy. Many people "schedule" jewelry, furs, silverware and other precious personal items in this way, to assure you'll be reimbursed for their full value.

Credit Card/Funds Transfer

Card Coverage You receive up to $1,000 coverage applicable to losses resulting from the misuse of lost or stolen credit cards and funds transfer cards.

Inflation Protection

To help ensure the coverage on your home remains adequate year to year, the   dwelling coverage limit is automatically increased at each renewal to an amount  reflecting changes in construction costs and other pertinent factors.

Water Back-up and Sump Over-flow Damage caused by water that backs  up through sewers or drains and that is not caused by your negligence is        covered under this valuable option.

Many other important options are also available.

For Renters Only

If you are renting your home or condominium, any improvements you make to the property at your expense are also covered for damage from insured perils. This would include anything from new kitchen cabinets you install to a light fixture outside if it's attached to the structure.

Discounts and credits**

You can save money on your homeowners insurance policy if any of the following applies to you:

Auto/Home Discount; this is available if both your qualifying auto and homeowners   insurance are with Collins and Miller Insurance.

Discounts for smoke detectors and other home protective devices; if you have these devices installed in your home, you could qualify for a policy discount.

Credits for higher deductibles; if you choose higher deductible amounts on your policy, you could reduce your total premium.

Age of Dwelling Discount; you can receive up to a 20% credit for newly built homes.

Friends you can depend on...

With Same-Day Contact on any claims* you make!

No one wants to be involved in a claim. But if and when you are, we promise to make it as painless and worry-free as possible -- and to respond to you the same day we are notified of your claim. That's right. We promise that one of our claim adjusters will contact you the same day your loss is reported to us. We are committed to prompt, reliable and courteous claim service from the minute we hear of your loss until your claim is settled. This is part of the OVERWHELMING SERVICE you receive from your independent agent.

(* Same-day claim contact may not be possible in the event of a large-scale catastrophe affecting many people in the same general area, such as a hurricane.)

Other products

Collins and Miller Insurance offers a wide array of insurance   products* for all your needs, including:

* Auto

* Personal/Commercial

                           Umbrella Liability

* Business coverage's

* Life

(*not available in all states)

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